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L E S S O N   R A T E S

60 minutes - $80     ($320/month)

45 minutes - $60     ($240/month)

30 minutes - $40     ($160/month) 


Payments are due at the start of the month for the whole month. No cancellations or refunds; reschedules only. All lessons are held online at this time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 



Who was Dr. Suzuki?

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki was a revolutionary pedagogue who changed music education worldwide. Audiences were astonished at the proficiency his students achieved at a young age.

The secret is what Dr. Suzuki called the Mother Tongue method. This method is based on the realization that children all over the world learn their "mother's tongue" quickly, naturally and easily -no matter how complex the language is! Dr. Suzuki's method helps children learn music the same way they learn language. This happens when we intentionally and lovingly create a Musical Mother Tongue environment for them. He wrote about his discoveries in his books, "Nurtured By Love" and "Ability Development From Age Zero".

As wonderful as this is, Dr. Suzuki's goal transcended music alone. His aim was to nurture - through music - the souls of his students so they became noble, sensitive humans who would go on to seek, discover and communicate goodness, truth, and beauty their entire lives.

At Oshagan Merjanian Music, we strive to follow Dr. Suzuki's philosophy. We seek the best educational methods to nurture joyful and sensitive musicianship in children and adults of all ages.

Being both Suzuki Certified and having acquired undergraduate and graduate degrees in music performance, Oshagan aims to take his students from any level of competency to being advanced musicians who know how to learn and perform complex repertoire.

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