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Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons in your home! 
Piano, Cello, Guitar, Theory Tutoring

Whether you are an adult who is interested in learning music for the first time or a parent who wants their child to develop musical abilities, Oshagan Merjanian Music is the best place to start!

Live Performance for your Event!
Weddings, Parties, Receptions!
- Solo cello!
- Chamber Ensembles (String Quartet, Piano Trio, String Trio)!
- Various Genres (Pop, Classical, Rock, Jazz)!

OMM is rooted in the principles of classical music. These include skilled technique, music reading, musical feeling and a trained ear. You can be sure that with OMM you will receive top quality performance for your event or, as a student, develop a musical foundation which will uphold any ambition - whether it is to see your child go on to become a concert performer or simply to play for your own enjoyment).

Cello Lessons

I am sure your musical explorations will be enriching! 

Please browse these pages to learn how you can start with O.M.M.

Cello Lesson Instructor
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